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The view of Bullo River Station’s vastness from a chopper is truly breathtaking and comes highly recommended. There are several large freshwater swimming holes and waterfalls high up in the escarpment away from the crocodiles which can only be accessed by helicopter and whilst it is an additional cost, this is a wonderful way to explore parts of the property that are inaccessible by any other means.

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon at Bullo River is a visit to the ‘Cascades’. A 20 minute helicopter flight from the homestead, a spring-fed stream trickles through a sandstone cliff, carving a series of magnificent jade-green rock pools connected by waterfalls. Spending a couple of hours here, alternating between the cool water and the warm rocks, is an experience to treasure.

Helicopter landing at Cascades at Bullo River Station Helicopter and Dust from Muster at Bullo River Station

Guests can be dropped at the white sand beaches of the Cascades and your time spent dipping in and out of the pure, clear water that tumbles over the sandstone rocks into a series of perfectly formed swimming pools in a land barely touched by human footprint.

This is an experience like no other and a unique memory that you will treasure for years to come.

Standard Helicopter used is a Robinson 44 which is capable of seating up to 3 passengers at a time and is operated by a fully licensed pilot. Additional helicopters available are Robinson 66 and AS350-B2 Squirrel. Helicopter hire is charged on flying time only.



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