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Bullo’s beauty is not only the various waterfalls and gorges, it’s also its bird and wildlife. Over 100 bird species have been spotted on the property, from emus to magpie geese, wedge-tailed eagles, red wing parrots, brolgas and the elegantly long-legged jabiru that pick their way delicately through the reeds. A detailed list is available for avid bird watchers.

Birds Flying in front of a Sunset at Bullo River Station Bird Species in a Lake at Bullo River Station

Some of the wildlife that inhabit Bullo include wallabies, herds of buffalo, goannas and other reptiles, wild pigs, and of course some of Australia’s largest and smallest crocodiles call Bullo River home, from five metre monsters to the rare pygmy crocodiles. You are likely to spot these prehistoric predators before they slip quietly back into the accommodating waters. During any stay at Bullo River, guests will experience wildlife spotting like no other location.

Buffalo Walking Through Water at Bullo River Station Birds Wild Pig and Cattle drinking from a Lake at Bullo River Station


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