For a visitor to Bullo River, this is not a choreographed experience, but one that changes according to cattle station life. There is no such thing as a typical day at Bullo, and our friendly and capable team will arrange all of your activities tailor-made each day to suit your wishes.

Aboriginal Rock Art Cattle Mustering at Bullo River

Some say that by my age the second childhood approaches. Well this trip was much more fun than the first childhood!!!!!! We climbed rocks for aboriginal art, I rode a quad bike for 8kms with passenger, we went by helicopter onto an escarpment for swimming in a waterhole with lovely white sand, we hovered over a 5 metre crocodile, and buffalo (again in a helicopter). And more…Gets five stars from me.

Natasha - Australia (July 2013)

For anyone who wants to learn some real Aussie bushcraft, from cracking a bullwhip to roping cattle aboard a bull catcher, the team at Bullo are the experts to show you. Barramundi fishing, cattle mustering and branding, horse riding and quad biking are all possible at the station, depending on the weather and what is going on at the time. That’s not to say there aren’t places to just read a book and take a leisurely swim in remote, beautiful waterholes and sandy beaches, most accessible only by helicopter.

Some of the many activities available to guests during a stay include the following:

Exhilarating Experiences Bullo River Station

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