Carbon Footprint

When people think of Australia they think of wide open spaces, friendly people, amazing landscapes, wildlife and sunshine. It is without a doubt a win-win outcome to harness Australia’s abundant sunshine to produce the power we as a race are now so dependent upon. It is one of the cleanest sources available and as of August 2009 has significantly reduced Bullo River Station’s carbon foot print.

Bullo going green was a project that was pursued with great passion. The power requirements of the tourism business are substantial and consequently one of the largest systems made on the market today was installed to move towards providing green holidays. The AUD$550,000.00 solar set up delivers a 40kW system that comfortably supplies all of the power needs. The solar power system reduces diesel consumption by 30,000 litres which translates to a 70% reduction in fossil fuel burned per year.

Birds taking flight at Bullo River Station Bullo River Station with ridges surrounding

In June 2009, the team laid the foundation and built the insulated/ventilated shed (that has since been named the ‘solar temple’) that houses 15 tons of batteries, an inverter and a new more efficient backup generator. Just outside of the temple are the constructed frames that carry the 120 solar panels that produce the property’s 24 hour green power.

We are very proud of the fact that despite our extreme isolation we are at the forefront of the green change and are committed to more improvements in the future that will further reduce our carbon foot print.